Thank you to all the nurses!

We are celebrating the nurses at my HS tomorrow. Lori and Kim are so dedicated and caring-we have 2,145 students so you can imagine how many students they have to keep track of with all their issues!

I had two weekend stays last fall for my daughter’s health scare. Let me tell you the nurses at the two different hospitals were beyond amazing!! So if you know a nurse, be sure to tell them how much they are appreciated!

Stamps of Life products used for the cards include bandage2stamp die and stamps, awesome die and one in a million die.

#stampsoflife #nurse #tsol #nursecard #nurseappreciation #sharekindness #bandage2stamp #oneinamillion

Author: Kate

Hi! I'm so glad you came by to visit! I am married with two children in their 20's and two crazy furry kitties. I love to create - and especially cards! My Mom’s creativity always amazed me. When she was sick, I saw how much it meant to her to receive cards of encouragement. The love Mom felt from all the cards received lead me to sharing my cards with people I know. My love of card making has led me to creating this blog. When I'm not in my craft room with my silly kitties (who think they protect me) you will find me out in my garden. If you see something you like or want a card made for you, drop me a note. I would love to hear from you! ~Kate

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